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How Do You Settle with Strike 3 Holdings?

Have you received a notice that Strike 3 Holdings is taking you to court? You are not alone. Strike 3 Holdings, LLC has filed multiple lawsuits against people who downloaded their movies without paying for them and is aggressively pursuing judgments. 

Strike 3 is an adult film company located in Delaware. The claims all involve copyright infringement. The company alleges people have downloaded their movies without paying for them, and the lawsuits seek to recoup lost money plus payment for litigation costs. 

If you have downloaded films from Strike 3 through third parties, you may have a difficult time defending against the infringement claims. Settlement is the preferable option when you do not have a solid defense. But you should ideally have an attorney assist with the process, protect your rights, and get the best deal possible. 

Settlement with an Attorney Is the Best Option

Settlement means you enter into an agreement to pay Strike 3 outside of court. You must compensate the company according to the terms, and in return, the company drops its lawsuit against you. Settling a case has many benefits, but you need an attorney by your side throughout the process because it can be complex. 

A settlement will typically speed up a resolution to the situation. You will be able to move forward with your life much more quickly than if you went through litigation. Plus, since it takes less time, it will cost you far less. 

Another major advantage is that you can maintain your privacy. Strike 3 will go through your internet provider to get your IP address and sue you as a John Doe. Nobody will ever need to know you are a part of this lawsuit if you do not go to trial.

While it is beneficial to settle, trying to navigate a settlement on your own is difficult. You must understand the law and the rules of evidence. You will need to know how to negotiate and handle the very experienced attorneys working for Strike 3. You’ll find the process is much easier when you have your own legal representation working for you. 

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney 

Hiring an attorney to assist with this type of legal matter is a wise decision. Not only will an attorney help protect your identity, but also take a lot of stress off of your shoulders. Your attorney will handle everything for you so that your life doesn’t have to be interrupted unnecessarily by this matter. 

Working with an attorney on your settlement allows you to take a backseat. They will handle all communications during the negotiation process. You only have to work with your attorney to make your wishes clear about what you want and then provide your approval of the final deal that is struck.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about learning the law, or figuring out the paperwork or steps involved in copyright infringement cases. Your attorney will be an expert in these matters. You’ll be able to avoid many issues that occur due to a lack of knowledge about the legal system. When navigating a case, you have to know the court’s requirements and deadlines. If you make a mistake, there is the potential for the court to rule in favor of Strike 3 and levy a default judgment against you. 

In most cases, such an order will cost you far more than a settlement. You will have to pay damages, court costs, and attorney fees in an amount determined by the judge. Typically, the final judgment will mirror what Strike 3 asked for in its claim. 

You also gain protection by using legal representation. If your deal misses key points, you could end up in court again with Strike 3. But your attorney can help ensure you won’t face further action by securing a release within your settlement. The release says the company will not pursue legal action against you in the future for copyright matters.

Since your attorney understands the settlement process, they also can secure you a good deal. Negotiations can be tricky, and you may not have the skills needed to go up against Strike 3’s attorneys. By securing legal representation, you can put yourself in the best position to walk away with a fair deal. 

An experienced attorney can often reach a settlement along faster than a non-attorney due to their skill and familiarity with the process. Most people just want to be over as quickly and painlessly as possible.

How Your Attorney Will Handle the Settlement Process

While you may not have direct involvement in the whole settlement process because your attorney will handle most of it, it is important for you to understand all the work they are doing on your behalf. Preparing for a settlement involves many steps to ensure it is the right move and to prepare for negotiations.

The process begins when you contact an attorney for a free consultation on your case. During this meeting, you can explain what is happening and go over your side of the matter. The attorney will assess the situation and advise you of your options. 

Keep in mind that settling is not the best choice in every case, so your attorney will want to examine the claims against you and your potential defense options to ensure this is the right path. They can also explain the legal aspects of your case and help you to understand why you are facing the lawsuit. The choice to settle is yours to make, but your attorney can counsel you on the best course of action. 

Once you decide to move forward, your attorney will start gathering documentation and evidence to build your case. What you say and the evidence you provide will help the attorney to develop a strategy for approaching Strike 3’s legal team. 

Your attorney will then contact Strike 3’s legal team and begin the process of negotiating a settlement amount. One a reasonable sum is negotiated, your attorney will convey that to you and if you approve it, the settlement process wraps up with you paying the agreed-upon amount. You can usually pay through an attorney trust account, which will allow you to continue to protect your identity. Once you make the payment, Strike 3 will withdraw the lawsuit. 

Contact Us for Help with Your Settlement

Rosenblum Law is an experienced firm that has plenty of experience with Strike 3 lawsuits. The firm has several experienced attorneys on hand to handle your case and ensure you get a fair settlement. We will invest in you and the outcome of your case, and work with you to find the right solution. If a settlement is best, then we put full effort into keeping it as fair as possible and developing the right legal strategy for your case. But if you have a good defense, then we will fight through a trial to protect you. 

If you are facing legal action against you from Strike 3 Holdings, contact Rosenblum Law today. The matter requires immediate attention, and waiting too long could put you in a worse position. We have the experience of working on these cases and reaching successful settlements for our clients. For a free consultation, email or call 888-815-3649.

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