Broken Bone Injuries

When you hear that someone was in an accident and suffered broken bones, you think broken fingers, toes, legs, or arms.  However, broken bones can be much more serious.

A construction site accident can result in bone fractures in the back or neck.  Car accident victims may suffer from broken ribs, clavicle or sternum as well as bone fractures in the back and neck.  In addition, personal injury lawsuits for broken bones may involve a skull fracture, broken nose and fractures to the cheek, chin or jaw.

Very often, broken bones heal perfectly and the victim may be able to return to his previous way of life without any interruption.  Other times, however, broken bones resulting from personal injury do not heal properly and the victim suffers from a long-lasting painful and disabling injury.

Therefore, if you or a loved one suffers from a broken bone injury, call Adam H. Rosenblum, your New Jersey Personal Injury attorney.

Common Accidents That May Cause Broken Bones

  • Slip-and-Fall
  • Bicycle
  • Construction
  • Motorcycle
  • Automobile
  • Athletics

The list is truly endless because any situation where one person negligently or intentionally injures another may result in broken bones.

An experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer will investigate the cause of the accident to identify who is responsible for the injuries.  Fault must be determined to identify who is responsible for the injuries.  After fault is determined, your personal injury lawyer can calculate damages and pursue your claim.

Extent of Broken Bones Injuries

Some simple broken bone injuries may heal quickly with minimal interruption to the victim’s life.  Compound fractures may require surgery and physical therapy; and after scarring may remain.  Where more than one bone is broken, the victim may never regain full functionality and full strength of the damaged limb.

If after an accident, you feel pain and observe swelling and limited motion, it is important to go to a doctor because you might have suffered a broken bone.  If left untreated, bone fractures may lead to complications such as infections and damage to blood vessels and nerves.

The length time required for treatment depends on the age and health of the injured as well as the location of the injury.

Why You Need a NJ Personal Injury Attorney

To save money, insurance companies argue that broken bones are minor injuries. When given an insurance claim involving broken arms, legs, wrists ankles, hips, ribs, and even fractured vertebrae, insurance companies will exert all of its might to minimize their payments.

On the other hand, a New Jersey personal injury lawyer will carefully analyze all of the medical records and accident evidence to get you what you deserve.

Numerous complications can result from broken bone injuries. A person’s mobility and functioning may be permanently limited after suffering broken bones.  A victim of an accident where broken bones occurred may never “have his life back to normal.”  A personal injury attorney may help obtain all of the financial  compensation that is due.

If you have suffered such injuries, call Rosenblum Law. Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys are experienced and will aggressively work to get you the compensation you deserve.  Email or call today.

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