Driving While Suspended In New Jersey
Uploaded on: Jun 13, 2022
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Driving with a suspended license can have surprisingly severe consequences. In addition to a $500 fine, you can face surcharges, and lengthened suspension, and more expensive insurance premiums. If you’ve been accused of driving while suspended, an experienced lawyer may be able to help you avoid the worst of these consequences.

Why might my license be suspended?

Generally, your license can be suspended by a judge if you’re convicted of a traffic offense, or by the Motor Vehicle Commission for administrative reasons, like failing to pay surcharges. It’s possible for your license to be suspended without your knowledge. Although the MVC has to send you a notice of suspension, if your contact information is out of date, you might never receive the notice.

Even after a suspension expires, your driver’s license isn’t automatically restored. If you didn’t apply to get your license back at the end of a suspension, you can be charged with driving while suspended.

What are the penalties?

For a first offense of driving while suspended, you face a $500 fine, a $250 surcharge, a 6-month extension of your suspension, and insurance points that will increase your premiums. Repeat offenses or driving on a license that was suspended for severe traffic violations like a DWI result in even steeper fines and jail time. Because these penalties can be so steep, you’re best off having a traffic attorney represent you.

How do I beat a charge of driving while suspended?

As always, the best way to beat the charge depends on the facts of your case. If the MVC never sent you a notice that you were suspended, that’s a defense. Or, if you were suspended for failing to pay a surcharge but you did pay the surcharge, that’s a defense too. Sometimes, the best option is to negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce the charge to driving without a license, which has lower fines and doesn’t extend your suspension.

What should I do if I’m charged with driving on a suspended license?

Don’t try to fight the charge on your own. We might be able to find a defense for you that can get the charge dismissed or reduced. Contact Rosenblum Law for a free consultation. Our contact information is on the screen and further down on the page.

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