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Our Record Sealing Process

Contact our firm

You will be connected with a trained specialist who will ask you questions to determine your eligibility for a record sealing.

We prepare the Petition

Once our team obtains your past dispositions, we will prepare and file the record sealing petition on your behalf.

Prosecutor review

The County Prosecutor and the county District Attorney reviews the petition (6-10 months) and decides whether to oppose it.


The petition will go before the Judge for a ruling. Defense counsel may be allowed to argue in favor of granting the petition.

Database clearing

Once the Record Sealing has been granted, all relevant entities (law enforcement, probation) remove all records from their databases.

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Client Review

Amazing team whom will work with you in any way! They have been invaluable in keeping my records as clean as possible!
Michael Padiernos
Michael Padiernos
15:42 08 Apr 24
Great experience. Very professional. They were able to work with not ideal circumstances to seal my record and let me start a new chapter in my families life. Highly recommend!
Ryan Costantino
Ryan Costantino
17:57 31 Mar 23
I can't say enough good things about this Firm. When I tell you this law firm worked hard for over 2 years on what I thought was an impossible case, they did and kept me in the loop the whole time. Yes I was very inpatient. But they still kept working even though I was a pain. This was an expungement case that was told to me by another Law firm that it could not be done and took over $1k from when and didn't get the job done. But after contacting this firm they assured me that they could get the job done. I live all the way in VA now and this happened in 1997 in NJ. Well I just want to send a big shout out the the Rosenblum Law Firm and say thank you so much... you gave me a second chance to be a better me. I Highly Recommend Rosenblum Law to take care of your Legal matters. You will not be disappointed TRUST ME!
rhaheem wilson
rhaheem wilson
08:25 14 Feb 23
Had a great experience with their service. Easy to reach for consultation, seamless process with submitting documentation and they take care of the rest! Didn't have to do anything until got my resolution. Would recommend.
Jorge Rosario
Jorge Rosario
14:42 28 May 22
I just had my record expunged through Rosenblum. My emails and/or phone calls were always returned. For anyone who is interested in completing the process, you must understand patience is required- especially during a pandemic. After 21 years since my release, I can finally leave the worst chapter of my life behind. Thankyou, Rosenblum Law
Michael P
Michael P
23:55 25 Apr 22

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After My Criminal Record is Sealed?

When a NY criminal record is sealed, all material related to the conviction are destroyed. This includes fingerprints, mug-shots, and DNA samples. Note that a file regarding the conviction(s) still exists, but is isolated and can only be seen under limited circumstances.

What Factors are Considered in Sealing Records in New York?

The judge will weigh the following factors when determining whether records should be sealed or not.

  • The amount of time since the last conviction.
  • The severity of the offense(s) and the circumstances surrounding them.
  • Any other convictions or violations on record.
  • Any measures taken to reintegrate into society, including records of employment, schooling, participation in community service or other volunteer efforts.
  • Statements made by the victim(s) of the offense in question.
  • Whether and how sealing the record will support a successful reintegration into society.
  • The potential impact sealing the record could have on public safety and the public’s confidence in law enforcement and the judicial process.

Can I Seal a Juvenile Record in New York?

Yes. In fact, in many cases, juvenile records should automatically seal. Keep in mind that, even when a juvenile record should seal, it does not always happen. This is usually an error that can be fixed. However, there are some juvenile records that cannot be sealed. For more information, check out our page on sealing juvenile records in NY.

Can Arrest Records Be Sealed in NY?

If an arrest does not result in a conviction—e.g., the charges are dropped or one is found not guilty by a judge—the record should seal automatically. If the record does result in a conviction, then the record of the arrest, then any successfully sealing of the conviction will also include the record of the arrest.

Do I Need an Attorney to Get My Criminal Record Sealed in NY?

While it is possible to complete the process on one’s own, an attorney can ensure the application is a strong as possible (and error-free), maximizing one’s chances of getting a favorable ruling. In addition, if a hearing is requested, an attorney is a great asset to have. Judges and prosecutors are experts at picking apart arguments and finding flaws in a person’s reasoning and explanations. Some DAs see it as in their best interest to ensure criminal records are not sealed. An experienced attorney will know how best to present arguments that will assuage a judge or prosecutor’s concerns about sealing the records.

Ten Years Is a Long Time to Wait; What Can I Do In the Meantime?

While sealing one’s record is the only way to completely put one’s past indiscretions behind them, there are options that are available sooner. A Certificate of Good Conduct or a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities can lift some of the restrictions imposed by a criminal conviction in New York.

A criminal conviction in New York State can have far-reaching negative consequences. Being convicted of even a single misdemeanor offense means having a permanent criminal record, which can impact one’s ability to obtain housing, get a job, receive financial aid, and much more.

Thankfully, in 2017 New York passed an expansive new law (CPL 160.59) that makes sealing one’s criminal record possible. While certain offenses trigger an automatic seal after a set time period, the new law allows individuals to apply to have a wider range of crimes and violations hidden from the general public.

It’s important to note that there is still a limit as to how many records can be sealed and the kinds of offenses that are eligible. Moreover, a person must wait 10 years after conviction (not including time served in jail or prison) before applying.

For crimes that can be sealed read here.

More Resources:

DWI Record Sealing in New York

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What Crimes Cannot Be Sealed in New York?

Records of the following crimes, as defined under CPL 160.59.1(a), and further outlined on the Sealing Application, are not eligible to be sealed:

Aggravated Sexual Abuse
Menacing a Police Officer or Peace Officer
Placing a False Bomb or Hazardous Substance
Assault on a Judge
Predatory Sexual Assault
Assault on a Peace Officer, Police Officer, Fireman or Emergency Medical Services Professional
Predatory Sexual Assault Against a Child
Reckless Assault of a Child
Criminal Possession of a Weapon
Criminal Sale of a Firearm with the Aid of a Minor
Sexual Abuse
Criminal Sexual Act
Sexual Crimes Involving a Child
Criminal Use of a Firearm
Sexual Misconduct
Criminally Negligent Homicide
Sexually Motivated Felony
Forcible Touching
Soliciting or Providing Support for an Act of Terrorism
Gang Assault
Intimidating a Victim or Witness
Labor Trafficking
Vehicular Manslaughter
Making a Terroristic Threat
Any other Class A, B, C, D, or E violent felony offense
Any other crime that requires one to register as a sex offender

As exhaustive as this list may seem, a wide variety of offenses are still eligible. Convictions for offenses such as theft, shoplifting, disorderly conduct, drug possession, simple assault, public intoxication and vandalism are all eligible convictions for sealing. In addition, charges that would be considered violations and not crimes, such as loitering, hazing in the second degree, trespassing, and illegally posting advertisements are also eligible.

Crimes for which a person was charged but not convicted are automatically sealed.

How Long Must I Wait to Have My NY Criminal Record Sealed?

As mentioned, a person must not have been convicted of a crime for at least 10 years before he/she can apply to have their criminal record sealed. Note that 10-year timeframe does not include any time the person may have spent incarcerated. This is true even if the time served was not for the crime(s) one is looking to seal.

In select situations, New York State will allow individuals with criminal convictions to have their records sealed. By sealing a criminal record, the convictions become isolated from the general public and can only be viewed by a small handful of legal authorities. By sealing a criminal conviction, one can legally deny that the offense had taken place. In practice, that means one does not have to mention the convictions in job applications or interviews, when applying for college, or many other scenarios where a conviction might impact one’s life.

The chart below outlines the kinds of offenses one can have sealed in New York. It also details some of the requirements, limitations, and how long one must wait before applying. For more information on having one’s criminal record sealed in New York, see our information page

Offense/Conviction to be Sealed:
Waiting Period:
Must result in dismissal
Municipal Ordinances
Must complete prison sentence and payment of fines
Cannot have been adjudged a juvenile offender
Must complete prison sentence and payment of fines

No more than two offenses permitted on record

Only one felony conviction permitted

10 years
Must complete prison sentence and payment of fines

Only one felony conviction permitted

Only two total convictions permitted

10 years

Successfully complete a Judicial Diversion Program, DTAP (Drug Treatment Alternative to Treatment Program), or a similar substance abuse treatment program recognized by the court

Must complete prison sentence and payment of fines

Cannot be facing any other pending criminal charges
10 years

How Many Crimes Can I Have Sealed in New York?

New York only allows a person to seal their criminal record if it has two or less criminal convictions on it. In addition, only one of those convictions can be for a felony. Moreover, any felony on the above-mentioned list is not eligible to be sealed.

A person with more than two criminal convictions can still have their record sealed if the charges are related to only one or two criminal incidents.

How Do I Get My Criminal Record Sealed in New York?

Time needed: 90 days.

The process for having one’s criminal record sealed in New York is as follows:

  1. Fill out the application and provide any required supporting documents

    These would include the Certificate of Disposition for the conviction(s), a sworn statement of the reasons the conviction should be sealed, and any other documentation that supports the argument for sealing.gather documents for expungement in NY

  2. Submit the application to the court presided over the criminal offense(s).

    If the judge who presided over the case is still at that court, the application should be addressed to him/her. If multiple crimes were tried at different courts, the application should go to the court that tried the more serious crime.submit application to judge

  3. Submit copy of the application to the District Attorney (DA) of the county where the conviction occurred.

    If the DA objects to the application, he/she has 45 days to notify the court. However, the Judge may grant postponements at the DA’s request.Submit to DA

  4. If the judge does not summarily deny the application, a hearing may be requested.

    If the DA files an objection, then a hearing will be required. If a hearing is requested, then the applicant and/or his/her attorney will present additional evidence and arguments for why the records should be sealed.Expungement hearing in NY

  5. Judge issues a ruling

    Eventually, the judge will issue a ruling either granting or denying the sealing of records.Judge issues ruling on record sealing matter in NY

Sealing Drug Crimes in New York

Drug-related misdemeanor and felony offenses in New York can be sealed, provided the individual completes a Judicial Diversion Program, DTAP (Drug Treatment Alternative to Treatment Program), or a similar substance abuse treatment program recognized by the court. In addition, the person must complete any additional sentencing and not have any other pending charges against him/her. Learn more about sealing drug crimes in New York.

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