Did You Receive a Subpoena From The UFC?

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I Received a UFC Subpoena – What Should I Do?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) offers Pay-Per-View (PPV) access so customers can watch the fights through streaming services. Since streaming these events is protected by copyright law, it’s illegal for anyone to stream the fights without paying for proper access.

If you receive a subpoena for illegal viewing, it means that the UFC’s parent company (Zuffa) is taking measures against this improper use of their content. The best thing you can do is hire an attorney with experience in intellectual property so that you can protect yourself to avoid hefty fines and other consequences.

Why Does the UFC Send Subpoenas?

There are several reasons why the UFC might be sending a subpoena relating to streaming services. One example is a subpoena against streaming websites that offer live video of the UFC fights to an unlimited audience online. Pay-Per-View licensing limits the number of viewers who can watch the event, so these websites are infringing on copyright law by offering streaming access to an unlimited number of people.

It’s important to understand the difference between personal vs. commercial use of PPV streaming. Anyone can buy personal PPV access, usually around $50 or $60, to watch the event. This license is designed to be used in a private setting at home. If the personal access is shared publicly, such as in a restaurant or bar, it could result in a subpoena from the UFC. In order to broadcast PPV events in public settings, the business owner must pay for a commercial license to stream the event. The cost of this license varies depending on the anticipated viewership and the size of the business.

Potential Consequences if You’ve Received a UFC Subpoena

It’s illegal to watch a PPV event without proper licensing or payment. If you are watching or streaming the event illegally, it is known as digital piracy – you are violating federal copyright laws.

Being accused of copyright infringement can be an expensive and stressful situation. Using private PPV access to stream a UFC fight in a commercial setting can result in hefty fines of up to $110,000, for example. Plus, additional costs are added on because the guilty party would also need to pay for all attorneys’ fees and associated court costs, not just their own. Lastly, even though it’s rare, there is also a possibility of having to serve time for online piracy.

What to Do if You Receive a UFC Subpoena

If you receive a subpoena concerning UFC, don’t ignore it. Just because you stop illegal PPV streaming doesn’t mean that you can disregard or toss the letter. The subpoena means the UFC is serious about the situation and may pursue legal action. If you don’t respond to this subpoena, the consequences can be worse because the court may find you guilty of contempt.

The best step you can take is to hire an attorney who can help with your response. A proper response can help you mitigate the consequences, including short- and long-term financial and legal problems. Depending on your case, it might be possible to quash the lawsuit if you are not guilty of the allegations. Or, your attorney can assist in negotiating a lower settlement amount.

You deserve to have your legal rights protected, which is why hiring an attorney is worth the expense. The subpoena and court processes can be quite complicated and stressful. Don’t think you can handle it on your own. You need professional legal guidance and expertise.

Help Available for a Copyright Subpoena

The ideal solution is to settle a PPV violation with the UFC before the case goes to court. If the case moves into court, it is more expensive due to increasing legal fees and court costs.

An attorney can assess your situation and pursue the best possible option for resolution. Potential outcomes could be a private settlement (without going to court), quashing the lawsuit, or building a strong defense if the case ends up in court. It’s necessary for the UFC to have sufficient evidence to prove your guilt, but there are ways an experienced attorney can help to show reasonable doubt.

If you receive a subpoena from the UFC, contact an attorney. Our team at Rosenblum Law is here to assist with your defense of a copyright infringement accusation. We invite you to learn more about available legal services by scheduling a free consultation. Call us today at 888-235-9021.


Can I watch UFC streaming for free?

Even though some websites offer PPV access for free, it is against the law to stream these events without paying for them. You can be found guilty of copyright infringement.

What are the consequences of illegal Pay-Per-View streaming?

Watching a Pay-Per-View UFC event without paying for access means you are violating federal copyright laws. The financial consequences could result in fines that will need to be paid. Although rare, you could also be facing jail time.

Why can’t I use a residential PPV account for streaming UFC in a business?

There is a difference between commercial and residential licensing for streaming UFC events. You must pay for commercial licensing if you want to show a UFC fight in a bar, restaurant, gym or similar type of venue.

What Does a UFC Subpoena Look Like?

Click here to view an example of the document you might receive if you have been sent with a UFC subpoena.

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