Did You Receive a Subpoena From Verizon?

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What Is a Verizon Copyright-Related Subpoena?

Verizon is a provider of internet, phone, and TV services, offering these digital solutions to residential and commercial customers throughout the country. What does it mean if you have Verizon internet services and recently received a subpoena related to copyright infringment?

If Verizon receives a notification that illegal downloads have occurred through your account with them, you might receive a subpoena for this digital pirating activity.

Why Did I Receive a Subpoena?

If you are receiving a subpoena concerning your Verizon account, then it probably means that there has been a filing of a federal copyright lawsuit. The allegations are that someone using your Verizon account downloaded copyright-protected digital materials, and you are receiving a notification about the lawsuit.

For example, these subpoenas can happen if illegal file-sharing websites are used for downloading or streaming movies. Tools such as PopcornTime and BitTorrent make accessing movies and digital materials easy. However, federal copyright laws still apply, which means that using these tools is illegal.

Verizon can also receive subpoenas requesting information relating to court cases and other investigations. For example, they might receive a subpoena requesting access to your text, data, or browsing history.

If Verizon receives a subpoena regarding your use of the service or network, then you have a limited window to respond to the subpoena before your name is released to the company that is filing the copyright infringement lawsuit. So, it’s essential that you act fast to protect yourself. If your name is released, then it’s likely that you will be contacted directly. Often, the intellectual property owner wants you to pay for the digital products you accessed illegally.

Financial Implications of Copyright Infringement

Just because you receive a subpoena doesn’t mean the case will go to court. Ideally, you can hire an attorney and agree to a settlement amount. Or, your attorney might be able to build a strong enough case to quash the lawsuit entirely.

Financial penalties for copyright infringement can range from between $200 to $150,000 per occurrence, including the damages and profits owed to the intellectual property owner. If you are found guilty, you will likely need to pay attorney’s fees and court costs for all parties to the case, not just yours.

The financial costs can add up, but there are also other potential punishments for copyright infringement. Although uncommon, you can be incarcerated if found guilty. Additionally, being found guilty means that you will have a criminal record that will follow you into the future. This could affect things such as job prospects, housing applications, and admissions to schools or organizations.

Tips for Handling a Verizon Subpoena

If you receive a subpoena relating to your Verizon account, it’s essential that you contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Don’t ignore this subpoena. A failure to respond could result in even more serious consequences if you are found in contempt of the court.

There are several solutions that your attorney might suggest to handle the subpoena and related legal concerns. One possibility is a settlement, which could potentially be anonymous if Verizon hasn’t yet released your name.

Or, your lawyer might recommend a motion to quash the lawsuit, which is a common strategy for these types of cases, but rarely effective. 

The final scenario is that the copyright infringement lawsuit proceeds to go to court. In this situation, your lawyer will build a defense to prove that you are not guilty. For example, one strategy is to show that hackers are using your account to disguise their IP addresses for illegal activities.

Consult a Defense Attorney

You deserve legal assistance for your case, so you should hire a team you can trust. Reach out to us at Rosenblum Law to learn more about the ways we can help prove your innocence or negotiate a reasonable settlement amount. Our attorneys offer years of experience in the industry and can help you achieve the best outcome. You’re invited to schedule a free consultation by calling our office at 888-235-9021.


What is a Verizon copyright infringement subpoena?

This subpoena likely means that you are being accused of copyright infringement. A subpoena from Verizon often relates to illegal streaming or downloading of copyrighted materials.

What is the definition of copyright infringement?

Federal laws are in place to protect copyrighted material. Infringement can occur if you are distributing, reproducing, performing, or showing a public display of a copyrighted work without having permission from the copyright owner.

How long do I have to respond to a Verizon subpoena?

There is a small window of time for your response to a subpoena – often only a few weeks. It’s important that you call an experienced attorney as soon as possible to assist with your response.

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