Slip and Fall at Work in New Jersey
Uploaded on: May 12, 2023
Duration: 2.50 Min

Video Description

If you’re like most New Jersey residents, a good part of your day is spent at work. When there is a hazard on the property — whether it’s an office building, factory, construction site, or store — you rightfully expect that there will be some sort of warning or notification about the potential danger. But, if you fell and were injured at your workplace in New Jersey, and you believe it to be the fault of your employer, you will want to discuss your case with a New Jersey personal injury attorney because you may be entitled to compensation.

When you contact an attorney, he or she will help you determine what will be covered, who will likely take what amount of liability for the accident, how much compensation you should be entitled to, and the likely outcome of your case. Generally speaking, especially if your employer is liable for the accident, you can recover most if not all of the losses you have already suffered from the injury, as well as any future costs you might face. This might include medical expenses, lost wages, costs pertaining to your dependents, and compensation for emotional trauma and pain and suffering.

Each specific scenario may have different rates, benefits, and restrictions. At Rosenblum Law, we make it our job to ensure that you, your employer, and their insurance are in compliance with the New Jersey law so you get the best possible outcome possible.

Workers’ compensation has a purpose and duty to protect the rights of employees and employers by being the “middle man,” managing, rejecting, and/or delivering benefits as needed, which is why all businesses in New Jersey that are not already covered by federal programs are required to have workers’ comp insurance offering temporary and permanent benefits, as well as death benefits.

If you were injured by a fall at work, you will need the guidance, support, and expertise of a highly dedicated legal team. At Rosenblum Law, we have decades of experience in getting our clients the best possible outcomes and providing unmatched attention to individual cases. Give yourself the best chance at the compensation you deserve by taking the crucial first step on your road to recovery.

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